Welcome, mama! Motherhood calls on us to look within ourselves and honor who we are while also caring for our children.  How this looks for you may be different from how anyone else is doing it, and there is much value in finding and practicing your way of mothering.

Life’s experiences are beautiful, miraculous, challenging, and they expose us to parts of ourselves we may have forgotten exist.  Within each of us, there are many pieces that come together to make us who we are.  When we are able to recognize and be with the whole of our being, we find our strength, and we are able to be the person and mom we desire to be.

There is a way to be present with the daily rhythm of life without losing your sense of self or your sanity.  The practice of being mindful can guide us back to who we are, at the deepest levels, if we allow it.

So, sit tall, take a deep breath, and know you are always guided!