1 Week Postpartum

Round belly. Thick thighs. Full breasts.
I look at the body that housed my fifth baby and I am extremely grateful to it. Nature is amazing. Women are beyond incredible, powerful, and strong.

As of today, I am one week postpartum. This week has been filled with sweat as my hormones regulate, tears of joy and also of sadness, and lots of love from my family. A true roller coaster of emotions.

Our daughter received her name today and as if it was perfectly planned her umbilical stump fell off. I also noticed her tiny baby feet are starting to get little
lines in them.

Time, please slow down.

This week has been magical and also challenging. The children are in love with their little sister, and I’ve also noticed they’ve been seeking attention in new and different ways. Last night, my three-year-old was up until nearly midnight wanting to spend quality time with me I am sure. We were playing a special game where I was a purple unicorn and she was a pink one. She must really love me because purple is her favorite color.

As my newborn sleeps on my chest, I look at her little face and I can’t believe she came from me. There is something so divine about bringing new life to be. Words will never be able to capture the contentment felt in this moment. As I breathe in her newborn scent, all worries fade away.

My home is a mess but my heart is full and happy. Sometimes, we need to surrender and let the little things go in order to enjoy the big things. The floors will be clean at some point, but my baby will never be this small again.

I’m grateful for tiny reminders to breathe it all in. Life happens one breath at a time, and the time is now.