Childbirth Education

Yoga Birth Conscious Childbirth Class is an innovative and popular childbirth education experience that combines the mind-body wisdom of yoga with evidence-based education on labor and birth. Yoga Birth does not endorse any particular method of birth – only that expectant parents make a conscious effort to understand themselves, the process of birth, the spectrum of available choices in birth and how those choices affect outcomes. Regardless of the method by which we ultimately deliver our babies, a Yoga Birth is a birth that acknowledges that birth is a rite of passage for all involved and each woman knows how to birth her own child in her own way, trusting her inner wisdom to guide her.

The Yoga Birth Conscious Childbirth Class utilizes the philosophies and practices of yoga to guide women and their partners through an appreciation of birth as a sacred, transformative event and offers techniques, tools, knowledge and awareness that creates a profound shift in our view of and preparedness for birth. Women and their partners emerge from the class with an understanding of how birth works, how to work with birth, and how to trust their bodies, their hearts, their ability to make informed choices to guide them toward a healthy, empowering birth on their own terms. The class is a holistic experience, focused on preparing all aspects of a woman’s being for the difficult and exhilarating challenge that is childbirth.

Practice listening to the inner wisdom of your body as you learn positions, breath awareness and movement strategies that facilitate effective labor and birth. Experience deep relaxation and learn a variety of labor comfort measures that help you give birth in an active, embodied way. Learn the difference between physiological labor and active management of labor and be prepared to make wise choices about which is right for you.

Examine how attitudes, beliefs and expectations about childbirth influence decisions and outcomes. Understand the risks and benefits of common labor practices. Learn concentration and meditation techniques to awaken connection, courage, focus, trust and endurance.

Finley Marie Campbell-3SPIRIT
Honor the spiritual and transformative nature of childbirth and explore birth as an opportunity for personal growth and healing. Understand the challenges of childbirth as an important rite of passage that awakens the mother/father within. Discover your inherent power to give birth with joy, strength and love.

Cost is $295 /expectant mama

This class meets for six weeks, three hours per session. First hour is a yoga practice, followed by discussion and exercises to learn how birth works, how to work with birth, in an active, informed, connected way. 


If your due date or schedule does not enable you to participate in the Yoga Birth six-week class or if you need more personalized support and guidance, a series of private childbirth education sessions may be a better option for you.  You choose the time and location, and your sessions will be tailored to your individual needs and concerns.  $150 for one 2 hour session.  $375 for three 2 hour sessions.