Laughter and Honesty


When I was depressed, there was one thing that I could always count on to make me laugh, an episode of the Golden Girls.  I was sure to watch it daily at 10pm.  Watching them took me out of my own life and allowed me to feel free.  Thank you, Rose, Dorothy, Sophia and Blanche for all the laughs and lessons learned. They taught me about sisterhood and honesty. Presently, I can tell you how important my mama friends are to me.  I love them all.

Every woman could benefit from having a few close female friends in her life. Historically, women were in other women’s company while the men were out gathering food.  In some traditional cultures, this is still the case.  The women are picking tea leaves or grinding grain, together.  For me, it is key to have a friend I can laugh with, one I can cry with, one that encourages me to grow, and one with whom I share a relationship where both parties are able to be completely honest.  These can be 4 separate friends, or one friend all rolled in to one, whichever you prefer.  Build your support system, we could all use a friend to share a laugh with or a shoulder to cry on at one time or another.

Being honest about motherhood is a courtesy we owe to our fellow mamas.  Why did no one tell me that after you birth your baby you also need to deliver the placenta?!?   Maybe this is information that is traditionally passed from mothers to daughters, I don’t know. Of course I know this now and I love placentas, but really, it would have been nice to know before the childbirth educator told me.  Or, how home we always hear about a great day a mama had with her children, but rarely about “one of those days?”  We are human.  We have challenging days and not so challenging days, and we should feel comfortable talking about them both.  After all, a battery has both a positive and a negative side.  Balance is a beautiful thing.


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