Mommy’s Deep Breath

Simple calming exercises for the overwhelmed and busy mom of today

Within each of us lies the wisdom and knowing  to mother our children.

When we are able to take a moment to be present with this awareness, it increases our ability to mother from a place of confidence, love, and presence.

We can’t deal well with a situation if we’re getting anxious, scared, or angry about it. The first step is to recognize our needs so they can be met and the situation dealt with after we have taken a minute to process.

In this eBook you will learn tools and techniques to help you:

– Transition from mindless reacting to mindful responding

– Release yourself from the overreacting and guilt cycle

– Honor yourself and make your needs a priority

– Take mini “balancing breaks” throughout your day

– Recognize your humanity and be ok with it

– Breathe

“Sarah, I wish u could look in my eyes when I say this, it is amazing! I love the tone ur personal stories and anecdotes make it like a story and I feel like I know u from reading it. I think you honestly took all these difficult concepts and broke them down to easily digestible parts that made self-transformation seem as simple as reading a recipe. It’s not cheesy at all the way self-help stuff can be, it’s so honest as a mom from being stared at on the toilet to feeling like ur going to lose it over kids mocking you…..I couldn’t stop reading it! You are going to be a star. This is ready 4 Oprah!”
– Talia Tallman
“Nice work! I really enjoyed your e book! I like the daily concept and the flow within each day’s message. Each day’s piece has a great balance of thinking and doing and is just the right length to make the message particularly useful. It’s well written – a lovely, caring tone without being preachy or saccharin. I think it will be a help and comfort to mothers and can see it being a special gift that a friend or relative could give to a new mom or to any mom going through a transition such as moving, returning to work, or having another child.”
– Melanie Chapel

“This e-book has been my daily guide and I am always amazed at how apropos the daily lesson finds me in my life.  It has become more like a companion with it’s gentle reminder to come back to center.  I so appreciate the simplicity as it feels like a refuge, rather than a burden to incorporate into my busy life.  I whole-heatedly recommend integrating this daily practice into your life and you will be surprised how effortless it will become and how you will look forward to living with more ease and grace.”

Courtney Salamone

“Sarah’s approach is simple and palatable enough for any busy mom to incorporate into a daily routine. Maternal Essence is multi- faceted, addressing the physical, cognitive and spiritual needs we may neglect as moms. I found it a very doable and beneficial addition to my day.”                                                                                                                                  -Melissa Salerno         

“One word that comes to mind when I think of Mommy’s Deep Breath is simple.  And if there was anything I was looking for in my life as a mother of four boys it was simplicity.  I barely have time to cut my nails, so I needed a method to help me center myself that was quick and involved only the desire to breathe more easily, freely, and joyfully.  Sarah Gyampoh’s anecdotes are refreshing and her exercises are truly life saving.  Mommy’s Deep Breath is simply a masterpiece.”                                                                                                                                                                                        -Aviva Zito