Within each of us lies the wisdom and knowing to mother our children.

When we are able to take a moment to be present with this awareness, it increases our ability to mother from a place of confidence, love, and presence.

We can’t deal well with a situation if we’re getting anxious, scared, or angry about it. The first step is to recognize our needs so they can be met and the situation dealt with after we have taken a minute to process.

In this eBook you will learn tools and techniques to help you:

– Transition from reacting to mindful responding

– Release yourself from the overreacting and guilt cycle

– Honor yourself and make your needs a priority

– Take mini “balancing breaks” throughout your day

– Recognize your humanity and be ok with it

– Breathe

The Mindful Mother’s Way is an invitation to make small shifts in your daily life, creating time and space for nurturing, knowing, embracing, and being yourself. In doing so, you will invite more mindfulness, presence, joy, play, and love into your day. Its foundation is built upon the belief that motherhood helps you to find yourself, and is both a practice and spiritual journey. It is an exploration of the concept and a practical guide to the power of practicing mindfulness and savoring the extraordinary in the ordinary.

While writing this book, I was given plenty of opportunities daily to put the principles to work. Trying to find calm when my boys are treating the living room like a wrestling arena and peace when their play turns into physical fighting. Some days, I was more successful than others, and on the days when I felt like I just couldn’t win, I gave myself some grace and reminded myself of my humanity and my perfect imperfection. Sometimes this is easier said than done, and I am grateful for apologies, second chances, and hugs.

There are times when I look at my children, and my heart fills with love and tears of joy stream down my face. I feel incredibly blessed to witness their growth and becoming who they are. They make me want to be the best version of myself, and always try again when I feel I’ve let them down. It’s all part of the process.

Yes, the days are long on this path of motherhood. And some days seem to never end, when the children are in break-down mode and needing me to assist them with all of their daily tasks. These times of feeling overwhelmed are when I call on my highest self to remind myself to slow down, take a deep breath, and do what I can. The lotus comes from the murkiest water, just as motherhood’s challenges allow us to grow into the best version of ourselves.  

Before we are mothers, we are individuals, and that is why many of the practices are designed to be completed alone. To give our children respect, acceptance, encouragement, boundaries, and above all unconditional love, we have to learn and practice them with ourselves. The relationship we have with ourselves is the most valuable relationship, as it sets the tone for all our other relationships.

The way we mother is as unique as our fingerprints. When we are able to quiet down, seek within and connect with our maternal essence, we always choose what’s right for our children and for us as we will never lead ourselves astray. We have all the answers we need available to us at all times.

The Mindful Mother’s Way will help you find the space between the thoughts, before the reaction, which is your truth. You will be guided on the path which leads you back home to yourself. There is no perfect here, only perfect imperfection and love.  

White Jade “one breath at a time” meditation/pocket stone used for connecting to your intuition and for welcoming peace and calm.  

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“Every mother should have three books. A book about baby care (like the Baby Book), one on breastfeeding if she plans to nurse (like the Nursing Mother’s Companion), and The Mindful Mother’s Way. Sarah Gyampoh has created a most incredible, practical resource. She draws on scientific knowledge, ancient wisdom, and personal experience to offer mothers quick, simple, doable, and deeply effective actions that bring healing, joy, and sanity in real time. I feel grateful and amazed that this book has come into my life with four boys. This is the gift to give to all the mothers in your life.”

-Caitlin Grenfield

“Though my own child caring days have given way to three amazing adult nurturers, the Mindful Mother’s Way is a bright light for mothering in an often frenetic, disconnected world. Sarah Gyampoh’s keen insight into the spiritual journey of motherhood allows her to give hope and practical tools to those who are struggling through and/or who are searching for conscious words of encouragement and guidance. Can’t wait to share it with my daughter who I’m sure will glean confidence and courage to raise her sweet little ones to be strong, authentic, compassionate beings. Thank you, Sarah, for this much needed, game changing work.”

-Shelly Zachs

“What a wonderfully honest and beautifully written book! A definite Must-Read for every mother! Sarah’s book provides simple and easy to use parenting tools that are invaluable in today’s fast paced society. It is easy to read and easy to relate to the many challenges and scenarios she describes that come along with motherhood. It is definitely a book I will reach for over and over again during my journey through motherhood. Thank you Sarah, for sharing your knowledge, love, and life experiences with us through your wonderful book!”

-Cherrise P


“This book is phenomenal! The amount of wisdom, useful information, tools to help us mother and be who we want to be, that is packed into this concise guidebook is truly remarkable. Sarah has illustrated a path that helps get you from the place you are in your mothering and as a woman to the place you want to be. Keep this on your nightstand because if ever in doubt or in need, pick it up and the next moment or the next day is sure to be the one you hoped it would be. I loved the The Mindful Mother’s Way! This book will no doubt go down as one that I attribute the health of my mothering and consequently the health of my children to. It faithfully feeds the the mind, body and soul.”

-Aviva Kadin

“This book helped me realize I am not alone, that several of motherhood’s obstacles/moments/experiences are “normal”. I was able to relate to the author and her experiences and how they translated to my family. Thank you for a wonderful read and a guide to motherhood from a real mom!!”

-Elissa Gloor


“The author of this book did a fantastic job of reminding us fellow mothers of how to change our focus at times. Instead of the “Mommy Monster” coming out, when you know it’s going to, focusing on what is actually going on with your child and his/her needs and wants. We, as mothers, tend to forget to do this and focus on the negativity. Her approach is inspiring and has certainly made me think before I act. Excellent read for my fellow mommy friends! High-five to the author, Sarah Gyampoh for her realness!”

-Angela Nunez