Thank you, sweet moms!

May 8, 2018

Today my mom would be 65 years old, and I am sure we would be doing something fun to celebrate. It’s hard to believe that nearly 20 years have passed since she left.

A lot has happened that’s made me miss her, yet somehow I know she is always with me. I miss her voice, the way she used to comb my hair, and all the conversations we had about the meaning of life.

My children would love her so much. Now, more than ever, I realize why she fought so hard for so long. She did it for me and my brother. I get it now. I’ve experienced the love a mother shares with her children, and there is nothing like it.

The joy that fills our hearts when our children express the purest love is immeasurable.

Motherhood is amazing, magical, and it challenges us to grow in unexpected ways. I never imagined I would read the same book aloud, 6 times in a row, for a week straight.

I didn’t realize how fun making cookies could be, or how much love my heart could hold.

Or the simple joy in going for a walk with my children.

To all moms, thank you. Thank you for showing up for your children when you feel there is nothing left to give.

Thanks for leading by example and telling children that anything they desire is possible.

All the times you wake up at night to care for a sick child, and all the nights you’ve lost sleep wondering if you’re doing it right, matter.

Together, we will change the world.

Our children will know the importance of love, and how it can transform anything.

They will know the value of play, and also that of caring for our planet.

Every skinned knee, tear shed, and broken heart you’ve mended, counts.

Thank you, precious mothers, for leading with love and traveling the path of motherhood with me.

I appreciate you.



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